Bahamas Blue Marlin Open MAY 16TH – 19TH, 2020

Bahamas Blue Marlin Open

Don’t wait ’til the last minute! After April 30th, entry fee will increase to $2,500.

All credit cards will be subject to a 4% service fee

Download the The Bahamas Blue Marlin Open Entry Form

This is a fillable form!
Follow these steps for filling out the PDF and emailing to Gerard

  1. Download the PDF Form to your Desktop
  2. Open and fill it out the digital version completely
  3. Save the Filled PDF form
  4. Email the Saved, Filled PDF Form to Gerard

Or print and mail completed forms and check to:

Abaco Activities, LLC
Attn: Gerard Brutus
     1007 N Federal Hwy 
      Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


Bahamas Blue Marlin Open Rules

FISH ANY TOURNAMENT  OTHER TOURNAMENT WHILE FISHING THE BAHAMAS BLUE MARLIN OPEN!!Any fish that is harvested, must be brought in on the boat on which the fish was caught.
  1. PERMITS & LICENSES All teams must possess a Bahamas Fishing Permit and a Tournament Sticker. The Tournament Stickers will be located in your team package which you receive at registration. The Tournament Sticker is required to be adhered to your Bahamian fishing license.
  2. FISHING HOURS The Tournament  Fishing Hours 7:00am and continue until 6:00pm on May 13th, 14th,  15th and 16th, 2020.. There are no lay days or weather days, unless determined by the OFFICE  Committee. Pick any Three of the fishing days Fish at your own risk.
  3. BOUNDARIES Fish anywhere in the Bahamas
    1. IGFA Rules Apply
    2. Six anglers per team per day are permitted, with no restrictions. Teams are permitted to hook and hand, but only once, upon the initial hookup!
    3. To be eligible to compete as a Junior Angler, the angler must be 16 years old or under at the start of tournament registration.
    4. Unlimited lines  are permitted at any one time. An unlimited amount of hookless baits or teasers are allowed. Any hooks may be used on lures only..  Live bait   dead baits lures are permited  in this tournament.
    5. Maximum line 130 pound test. (State  Manufactured )
    6. Teassers:  Permited
  6. REPORTING OF BILLFISH A billfish hook-up must be called in to the " Office Committee" within the first minute on Sat Phone/ video  verification of anglar item we choose
  7. BLUE MARLIN WEIGH-IN A boat may kill As many  fish per day. To qualify for weigh-in, the fish must measure a minimum of 105" LJFL on day one. If the fish does not meet the minimum measurement requirement, then the undersized fish is disqualified and no points will be awarded. Fish meeting the minimum measurement requirement will be awarded 1 point per pound. This division only pays two places. The fish must be brought to the weigh-in station on the boat it was caught on!
    1. All ties will be broken on time.
  9. CATCH 
    1. Identification Markers - each team will obtain a marker prior to the  Tournment fishing. This marker must be displayed during the fight and recorded. Failure to show the marker in your video proof will disqualify your catch, even if it is time-stamped. 
    2. This recording shall be time and date stamped in accordance with the "official time" as stated by the "Committee Boat" prior to each day's fishing. Your video proof shall include: 1) registered angler fighting the fish 2) proper identification marker 3) sufficient footage of the fish in order to accurately determine the species 4) proper release evidence - see Rule 8 above. All recordings submitted must be easily viewed by the Committee. It is the team's responsibility to have these items and the video cued up for immediate viewing. Failure to do so will delay the verification process. We highly recommend you have at least two recordings on different cameras, and underwater shots are the best way to accurately identify the species. 
    3. Submission of Recordings - Verification recordings must be submitted to the Committee between 4:30pm and 7pm each day of fishing. All recordings, images, sounds, etc. may become property of the Tournament and may be used at any time. Recordings and/or images will be downloaded from the team's device(s), if needed. Please see INSTRUCTIONS & SUGGESTIONS re: video attached.
    4. Disputes or Protests - All disputes will be settled by the Committee. There is a $200 fee to file a disputes. All decisions are final.
    1. Participation in optional jackpots is not required to compete for awards.
    2. Optional jackpot fees are distributed in the form of cash prizes
    3. Participant s wishing to pay optional jackpot fees, may pay by U.S. currency, check (payable to Abaco Activities, LLC), or wire transfer.
    4. Cash awards for the 
    5. Heaviest Marlin (if applicable) divisions are determined by weight as stated in these Rules. In the event no qualifying fish are weighed, 90% of all fees collected for this/these division(s) will be refunded.

General Instructions & Suggestions

  1. Be sure that your camera meets Tournament requirements prior to its start.
  2. Be sure to possess the appropriate cables, adapters, cards, readers, etc. 
  3. Have two cameras recording during the fight. Back up is never a bad idea.
  4. Be sure to have batteries fully charged and extra batteries, SD cards, etc. on hand.
  5. Recordings should be cued up for  the Office Committee review.
  6. Be sure the date and time are accurate and match the  Office Committee's "official time".
  7. Be sure the date and time are displayed on the image, if possible. Otherwise, the time and date stamp must be displayed on the actual file.
  8. Be familiar with your equipment.
  9. Test your equipment prior to the Tournament start.
  10. Designate someone to record the release evidence and boated fish,  be familiar with the equipment and the Tournament rules.
  11. Do not store the equipment in an air-conditioned environment to avoid fogging.
  12. Underwater video (i.e. use of a GoPro or other underwater device) is the best way to positively identify your billfish species.
  13. Be sure you have captured all the evidence necessary for qualification prior to submission.
Any images or video Sent  to the Office Committee become the property of the Tournament and its agents and may be used in displays, promotional materials, marketing campaigns or web design.